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    I guess I wasn't subscribed to this forum, so I didn't see your post September.

    Are all of these issues occurring with POS in the iOS App, with the web app, or with both?

    We have found the iOS app to be incredibly sub-par (and RetailOps shifted their focus to the web app, presumably for the same reason).

    That having been said, we are not using the web POS app in production yet (we should be in three weeks), so I'm not able to provide a lot of feedback.

    1. Mobile POS not working with infinite peripherals barcode reader

    What about it isn't working? You can't scan items with the barcode reader? Is the Linea sled working for other activities? We have found the Honeywell Captuvo to be a much better sled with a far better scanner.

    1. State tax stopped calculating on all orders as of 2 days ago

    Sorry, we're in Oregon, so don't have to deal with sales tax.

    1. Addressee in POS tool not showing up so the shipping addresses for customer doesn't have a customer name associated with the shipping address

    Is this in the web POS or iOS app?

    1. Return Submit Fail now happening

    In what context?

    1. Any workarounds you all are using to report real-time sales?

    Unfortunately with the current lag in reporting (supposedly three hours, but frequently much more than that), there's no way to see this in realtime. You could manually search CS orders for POS orders using a search string if you wanted to see those orders on demand.

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    Matt Wade


    We are looking to use the POS tool, iOS version, in early 2017.  Can you provide any update if the issues described above have been addressed?  If it has not been improved, does the web POS function properly?




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    Alisdair Troup

    Hi Matt


    We are now running two stores on the web app POS; we have been up and running full time for four weeks now.  We are not using a linked Credit card service ( we use the record an external card feature). Overall it has been a smooth transition, a few bumps including:


    1. We identify all customers at the till, primarily by postcode.  There is a bug with some address indexing and lookup - I have been promised this will be resolved next week

    2. Each store runs their inventory separate from our main Mail Order facility.  We have seen a bug that throws inventory unavailable errors and does not remove stock; this has been reported, but we have not had any feedback yet.

    3. Lot numbers are still not integrated into POS.  You sell by SKU, so where you have multiple lots of a SKU in store, it can lead to lot number errors.

    4. Tiered pricing does not work in POS

    5. I am not sure if it is peculiar to the way we operate with tax inclusive retail prices, but when we add a % discount, it applies to the nett value which is minor but annoying.

    6. It would be nice to see a cashing up/end of shift type facility.  We are relying on google docs to do this which is then reconciling with reports within RO for validation the day after when reporting data has caught up.

    These are, in the main, pretty minor niggles; overall it has been a good transition and a big improvement over our previous system.  I am sure as it matures and becomes a more feature rich part of the platform it will continue to offer more.

    I hope this helps, if there is anything else I can help with please ask!



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