Barcode Scanner Certification for RetailOps 2.0

To take full advantage of the new tools released in RetailOps 2.0, you must use barcode scanners that have been tested and certified for use in Version 2.0.

Certified Scanners in RetailOps 2.0

Certify New Scanners for RetailOps 2.0

If your barcode scanner has not been certified, we may be able to certify your scanner. However, keep in mind that not all scanners are able to be configured.

To begin the certification process, take these steps:

  1. Contact RO Support and provide the brand and model of your barcode scanner. We will perform initial research to measure the likelihood that the scanner can be configured for RO 2.0.
  2. Once we have determined the scanner can likely be configured for RO 2.0, send the scanner to RO Support for testing and certification. Send the tracking number for the package back to RO Support. The tracking number must be sent to RO Support to continue the certification process.
  3. After the scanner has been certified, we will ship the scanner back to you.

To send the scanner in for certification, package and mail the scanner to the shipping address on our Contact Us page. When sending the scanner in for certification, please include shipping insurance to ensure we receive the scanner. RetailOps is not responsible for any lost hardware.

Please note: Scanner certification may take up to 2 weeks from receipt at our location.

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