Put Orders on Hold

The POS tool allows you to put orders on hold to complete later. This can be useful in a variety of situations:

  • You need a price check on an item.
  • The customer forgets their credit card or cash in the car.
  • A manager needs to review the order before completion.

You may put the order on hold by parking the order. This sets the order aside and allows you to take other orders while the issue is being resolved. After the issue is resolved, you can un-park the order to complete it.

Put Orders on Hold

To put orders on hold:

  1. Press the [Park] button.
  2. In the Parked Orders window, press the [Park Current Order] button.
Put Orders on Hold

Resume Hold Orders

To resume orders on hold, the process is very similar:

  1. The [Park] button now indicates the number of orders currently parked. Press that button.
  2. In the Parked Orders window, select the order you wish to resume. You can see the items added to each parked order.
Resume Hold Orders
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