Create New Products in Bulk

You may create new products in bulk using the Data Import tool.

This is useful when you are first deploying onto the RetailOps app and you need to migrate product data from your old system into RO.

This may also be used to manage channels that don't have a direct integration with RO.

Required Data in Import file

To import products, import a spreadsheet with the following data. We recommend using CSV files:

  • Brand
  • Product Name
  • MPN
  • MSRP Price
  • Offer Price
  • Media URLs
  • Any other required product/SKU attributes

Please note: You must be sure that each row of data in your spreadsheet is unique to create unique SKUs.

Required Data in Import file

Data Formatting

Certain data requires special formatting before import. This includes media URLs, values nested in attribute groups, and multiselect attributes.

Media URLs

For media URLs, you must enter the data in the format below. Note the image tags followed by the > sign. Each image URL must be separated by a pipe "|" character:


For example:


Nested Values

For attributes with values nested inside of groups/folders, format the data on your spreadsheet as shown below:

Nested Values

Multiselect Attributes

For multiselect attributes, you may enter multiple values by separating them with a pipe "|" character as shown:

Multiselect Attributes


  1. Create a spreadsheet file with the required data (specified above).
  2. In the RO web app, go to Administration > Data Import.
  3. Drag-and-drop your spreadsheet file into the designated area.
  4. After the import is complete, click on the file Name.
  5. Either select an existing profile with the Import type of Product Import/Update or create a new profile with that Import type selected.
  6. For Column match mode, select headers.
  7. Check the SKU Optional box.
  8. For Update Mode, select Create only.
  9. Assign each of the columns to their respective fields.
    • Be sure to differentiate between Product Attributes (applied to the entire product family) and SKU Attributes (applied only to the unique SKU in the family).
  10. If there are any errors, edit data as needed by clicking directly on the desired cell.
  11. When you have resolved all errors (or if there were none to begin with), press the [Apply changes] button.
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