Programming Guide: Symbol (Motorola/Zebra) LS2208/LS1203/LS9208 Scanners

RetailOps 2.0 includes new features requiring special configuration for barcode scanners. This simply alerts RO that, when scanning, a barcode will be sent to RO. Read the instructions below to program your scanner.

Please note:

  1. Your instance must be on RetailOps Version 2.1 and above for the scanners to function properly.
  2. The Symbol LS2208 scanner is identical to the Motorola LS2208 scanner and the Zebra LS2208 scanner.
  3. You will need to print this article with the barcodes below and scan them in the sequence indicated.

1. Set Factory Defaults

Scan this barcode to reset the scanner to its factory default settings.

1. Set Factory Defaults

2. Set Data Transmission Format

Scan the following three barcodes to set the scan data format for your scanner.

2. Set Data Transmission Format

3. Set the Prefix

Scan the following barcodes to set the prefix for your scanner.

3. Set the Prefix
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