RetailOps 2.0 Web App Release Notes



  • Disable POS Auto-Logout: In the POS tool, cashiers are automatically logged out after every checkout as a security measure. However, this may now be disabled via a  setting in the Account Settings menu in System Config.



  • Close POS Login Window: You may now close the POS login window. This will close the POS tool while keeping you logged in to access other tools in the app.

Bug Fixes

  • Inventory Search Jump Menu: We fixed a bug causing the Inventory Search jump menu to open that tool with a blank search. Using the jump menu now opens Inventory Search with the data from the selected item.
  • Display System Config Subsections: We fixed a bug to allow users with sufficient access privileges to access subsections within the System Config tool. After several tools were moved into System Config as subsections, some users were disallowed access.
  • Auth Codes Cutoff in Terminal Manager: We adjusted the column widths in the Terminal Manager so that auth codes are not cutoff.



  • Revamped User Interface and Navigation Menu. The RetailOps UI has been revamped for easier, more intuitive navigation. The design is bolder with higher contrast, better spacing, and a focus on icons. The navigation menu pops out. A search filter has been added to the nav menu for quick access. Tools may be starred for instant access in the tab bar.
  • Customizable Dashboard with Widgets. The Dashboard may be customized with various widgets for reporting graphs, report downloading, and system alerts.
  • Sticky Tabs on Timeout. Previously-open tabs reopen after logging back in from a timed out session.
  • Switch Users on Badge Scan. Switch user accounts quickly by scanning a different user badge at any point inside the app.
  • Full-Featured Point-of-Sale (POS) tool for the Web. A full-featured POS tool has been built for more efficiency and flexibility. All checkout steps have been streamlined. Cashiers can park orders for issues such as price checks. Support has been added for gift cards, checks, and money orders. Security has been added by forcing login on each new checkout.
  • Streamlined Product Receiving tool. The Product Receiving tool has been overhauled for greater speed and accuracy. PO line items are auto-linked based on your initial search. Only relevant SKUs and attributes are displayed for reduced screen clutter. Editing attributes auto-creates new SKUs.
  • Print Labels tool for In-Store Inventory. The Print Labels tool is designed for in-store use. It supports printing of hook labels for item display hooks. Labels may also be reprinted quickly with pricing to update store tags as items' prices change.
  • Cash Returns. RetailOps now supports cash returns in the Order Returns tool. Orders originally paid for using cash may now be returned for cash.
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