Amazon US Marketplace Web Services Setup Guide

Setting up Amazon Marketplace Web Services (MWS) allows you to participate in Amazon's Merchant Fulfilled Prime and Merchant Fulfilled Shipping programs. Read the instructions below to set up Amazon MWS.

1. Navigate to the Amazon Marketplace Web Service page linked here. Press the [Sign up for MWS] button on the right.



2. Select the option, "I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS".

3. For the Developer's Name, enter gudtech. For Developer Account Number, enter 8965-6926-6407. Press the [Next] button.



4. Read through the Amazon MWS License Agreement. Check both boxes to accept the terms. Press the [Next] button.



5. After you've granted access to RetailOps, send the Seller ID, Marketplace IDs, and MWS Auth Token to RO Support by emailing



6. Navigate to the Manage Shipping Services page linked here. Check all boxes for Merchant Fulfillment API access. Press the [Submit] button.


7. RetailOps Support will confirm completion of your account configuration, and will coordinate the commencement of Amazon order importation and fulfillment. 
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