Summary of Data Sources

This article provides brief descriptions of each data source in the Reporting tool and the data on which it reports.

Data Source
Reports On
Brands stored in the Brands tool.
External Lots Received
External lots received by 3PL providers.
External SKU
Inventory advice for inventory stored externally (i.e. Dropship, JIT, and 3PL inventory).
Inventory Adjustment
Adjustments made to inventory levels (i.e. gains, losses, and moves).
Inventory History
Inventory levels at a point in time specified in the filter.
Item Fulfillment
Individual order items on shipments fulfilled through the Shipment Audit tool.
Lots Received
Lots received locally through the Product Receiving tool.
Media Association
Media (i.e. product images) associated to products.
Multivalue Attribute
Individual values for multiselect attributes on SKUs.
PO-level fields such as Vendor, Start and Cancel Date, and order attributes.
PO Line Item
Individual line items on PO's.
PO Manifest
High-level details of PO manifests including the reference number, the date created, and the user who uploaded the manifest.
PO Manifest Item
Individual line items on PO manifests.
PO Quantity
Individual quantities ordered for line item variants on PO's.
Payment Transactions
Payment transactions made or attempted for customer orders.
RMA Line Item
Line items authorized for return on RMAs.
Return Line Item
Line items for processed returns.
SKU attributes.
Sales by Item
Individual line items on customer orders including SKUs, unit prices, and line totals.
Sales by Order
Order-level data for customer orders including order totals and customer info.
Shipment Waves
Shipment waves, the number of shipments in each wave, the date created, and the ship container used. This does not include data on individual shipments.
Vendors and vendor details including their default settings for payment method, terms, and discount.
Vendor Contact
Contact details for vendor representatives.
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