Recommended Practices for JIT Item Fulfillment




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    Zach Silverman

    It makes sense to have the JIT items stay local for easy shipping but how do you receive JUST the JIT items to go to that location? Don't you have to receive an entire item to a location?

    Example: If you receive 10 of item ABC and 2 are JIT, how would you receive those 2 to JIT location and 8 to another location?

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    Joe B.

    The intended workflow is to receive as many items as the receiver has in front of them into the container the receiver is presently working on (usually a tote in RetailOps vernacular but a physical rolling cart or movable pallet physically). You do not want to burden the receiver with any additional overhead than recording faithfully what they have in front of them.

    RetailOps will automatically print the "JIT" designation for those items which are destined to be picked for shipping in short order (2 of the 10 quantity in your example).

    The person responsible for put-away (using the wireless console app) would decide which items to put into regular locations and which items to either leave in the receiving container or place in a temporary quick pick location for the subsequent order wave pick.

    It is worth noting that a common habit customers carry over from pre-RetailOps systems is to receive quantities using the Receiving Tool into the in-rack locations directly rather than to the intermediate (and physically accurate) tote location they are putting the items into. It is not recommended to do this as it's a ripe opportunity for mis-entry of data and does not represent faithfully what physically is happening. The Rapid Move tool in the wireless console app is purpose built to make the act of physically moving items off a physical cart or pallet into warehouse rack locations fast and accurate.

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    Zach Silverman

    Thanks Sam. That workflow makes some sense but with with organizations like ours, the same person receiving will probably end up putting things away as well.

    Our main issue is that upon receiving, some items ship, then a decision is made whether it will stay and be put away in house or sent to 3PL (FBA). The issue we are having is that we seem to have to leave the received merchandise in a location for a day (or a WAVE and pick cycle) then we are able to send it to 3PL or put away. It is clogging out warehouse having products sit in the "Receiving station" for 24hrs.

    Is there a way that a JIT item would automatically move to a JIT container? Also, is there a way to WAVE the newly received product? I understand that theoretically the received items would naturally fall into a wave but say we have 500 orders and we want to be able to quickly receive and ship the same item without it having to sit in our receiving area waiting to get picked.



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