Magento: Configure Products for Child and Parent Categories via Feed

RetailOps allows you to configure certain category settings in Magento through the RO feed. Though these settings may be manually configured through the Magento Admin Panel, configuring them in RO ensures that new categories created in RO are automatically configured as desired. This also ensures that, should a setting be modified incorrectly through the Magento admin, the RO feed will overwrite and correct the setting.

Child and Parent Categories in Magento

By default, products sent through the feed will be added only to the child category. They will not be added to any parent categories.

In the example below, this product has been added to the child category, Tennis. However, it has not been added to the parent categories Athletic or Footwear.

Child and Parent Categories in Magento

Set Child and Parent Categories in the Feed

You can configure products to be added to both child and parent categories through the Feed Manager using the syntax in the table below.

Note: If this syntax is not included, the product will be added to the child category only.

Effect in Magento
Added to all child and parent categories.
[[link=0]] Not added to any categories.
not included
Add to the child category only.

This syntax must be added to the Category Path field of your Magento feed. The syntax must be expressed at the beginning of your output for the field.

Using the same example from above, the product should now be assigned to all three categories in Magento: Footwear, Athletic, and Tennis.

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