Order Quote FAQs

What is an order quote?

An order quote is an estimate of goods sent to a customer before a purchase is finalized. Order quotes are useful for the purpose of creating large-scale B2B orders that may not be fulfilled until several months in the future. These orders will not reserve inventory until the purchase has been confirmed, allowing you to take other orders for the same products until the B2B orders are finalized.

How do I enable the creation of order quotes?

You must enable these options in the Account Settings in System Config:

  • CS Allow Order Inactivate
  • Display invoice as quote if order inactive

How do I create an order quote?

Order quotes are created by making slight modifications to the existing Phone Order creation system. Essentially, you must create a new phone order or POS order and set it to Status: Inactive. Inactive orders do not reserve inventory.

  1. Create a new phone order or POS order. Read this article for more detail on creating phone orders; read this article for detail on creating POS orders. However, be sure that you DO NOT accept payment or submit the order.
  2. Set it to Status: Inactive by pressing the [Inactivate Order] button.
  3. Print the order quote by pressing the [Print Invoice] button and selecting Invoice. The invoice will be printed with a header of "Quote".
How do I create an order quote?
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