Manually Merge and Unmerge orders

RetailOps has implemented a new feature, order consolidation. Unfulfilled orders going to the same Shipping Address may now be merged automatically. This will help minimize the number of shipments created, which will decrease shipping costs. For more information, visit the Order Consolidation FAQs.

Though order merging happens automatically, you can still manually merge and unmerge orders through the Order screen. This gives you more granular control to accommodate special circumstances you may encounter.


This is the order currently being viewed.
Green Checkmark
This order is merged with the current order.
This order has been manually un-merged from the current order.
This order is eligible for merging if the Shipping Address is changed.
This order has already entered into fulfillment; this order cannot be merged.

Merge and Unmerge Orders

  1. To unmerge a merged order, click to toggle the green checkmark to the red-X icon.
  2. To re-merge an unmerged order, click to toggle the red-X icon to the green checkmark.
  3. To merge eligible orders, first open the eligible order and change the Shipping Address to the same address used on the other order to be merged. Hit the [Refresh] button at the bottom of the screen to confirm the orders are merged.
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