Resolve System Alerts

This article details how to resolve system alerts. For a list of system alerts and their definitions, read this help article.

Resolve/Retry Individual Alerts

You may resolve/retry individual system alerts either from the System Alerts view or from the event log of the appropriate RO tool (e.g. if there’s a system alert for a customer order, you may resolve the alert from the Order Detail screen). If you look below, you can resolve the same alert from either screen.

Resolve/Retry Individual Alerts

To resolve or retry the alert, simply press the appropriate icon in the alert message.

Resolve/Retry Alerts in Bulk

If you’d like to resolve/retry alerts in bulk, you must do so from the System Alerts view.

  1. Press the [System Alerts] button at the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. If viewing alerts By Type, select a type from the left-hand menu. If viewing alerts By Object, select the desired object.
  3. Select an alert from the right-hand menu. Then hold the SHIFT key and click on another alert to select multiple alerts at once.
  4. In the Bulk Resolution pane in the bottom-left, press the appropriate [Retry] or [Resolve] button.
Resolve/Retry Alerts in Bulk
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