Reorder Inventory

The Reorder tool in RetailOps allows you to reorder inventory while viewing relevant sales data to help you make an informed purchase. The Reorder tool is actually an extension of the Reporting tool with the added functionality of the Reorder Quantity column.

To reorder inventory, you would just need to adjust the units under the Reorder Quantity column. RO will generate new POs for the reordered items and put the POs in Status: Review. You would then need to open the PO and press the [Submit PO] button. Once the PO is submitted, the units will be deducted from the Reorder tool screen.

Note that, for SKUs to be eligible for reorder:

  • It must have an external SKU added to it through the External Inventory window in the PIM.
  • The vendor fulfilling the reorder must be enabled for JIT fulfillment in the Vendor Settings.
  • The destination must be set.

To reorder inventory for a particular item:

  1. Go to Purchasing > Reorder.
  2. Find the desired item(s) you’d like to reorder. Click under the Reorder Quantity column and adjust the units as desired.
  3. Go to Purchasing > PO Search. Find and open the PO created for the reordered items.
  4. Press the [Submit PO] button.
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    In a recent update we lost the ability to expand the formula pane in the ReOrder tool. Any chance that can be added back in so that the ReOrder report can be modified on the fly?

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