Navigating the Product Information Manager (PIM)


  1. Family data. These attributes are shared by all SKUs in the product family.
  2. SKU Grid. Displays all SKUs in the product family along with attributes that are not shared by all SKUs.
  3. Eventlog. Displays events and notes for the selected SKU.
  4. Media. Displays any media associated with the selected SKU.

SKU Grid

SKU Grid
  1. Green. Indicates SKUs that are in Status: Complete. These SKUs are eligible for sale.
  2. Dark Grey. Indicates SKUs that are in Status: Incomplete. These SKUs are not eligible for sale.
  3. Light Grey. Indicates SKUs that are in Status: Inactive. By default, these are hidden in the PIM.
  4. Blue. Indicates the SKU currently selected by the user.
  5. Pink cells on dark/light grey SKUs. Indicates an attribute that is needed to complete the SKU.
  6. Pink cells on green SKUs (not pictured). Indicates an attribute that may have been needed to complete the SKU before. However, it is no longer needed.

Action Panel

Action Panel
  1. Refresh the product family.
  2. Unlock the product family to allow editing data.
  3. Add a new SKU to the product family.
  4. Void/retire the selected SKU from the product family. You may only void SKUs that have never had any lots attached to them.
  5. Inactivate the selected SKU. You may only inactivate SKUs that do not currently have any available units.
  6. Inv Lots. View lots attached to the selected SKU along with unit costs.
  7. External Inventory. View external SKUs attached to the selected SKU.
  8. Barcodes. View barcodes/UPCs attached to the selected SKU.
  9. Associations. View other products associated to the selected SKU.
  10. Show Inactive. Show all SKUs in the product family in Status: Inactive.
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