Point of Sale (POS) FAQs

I sold an item that wasn’t supposed to be in-store and now I get a system alert, Insufficient In-store Inventory. What do I do?

When using the POS function, you can sell an item that has no logical inventory in the POS zone. The assumption here is the customer physically has the item in hand and is walking out the door with it regardless of whether your logical inventory is correct or not. If this happens, RetailOps will adjust inventory up in the POS zone then back down to account for the sale. A system alert is generated in order for someone to go look at physical inventory and adjust lot quantities (in the Inventory Search tool) as needed, ensuring that your logical inventory in RO correctly reflects your physical inventory.

How do I set up a credit card reader?

For Macs, credit card readers must be set up as a “Keyboard”. It will also need to be programmed with a carriage return between the different pieces of data (e.g. CC number, expiration date).

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