Automatic SKU Archival FAQs

What is automatic SKU archival?

This new feature released in RetailOps Version 1.6.36 allows for the automatic archival of SKUs based on attribute values. This can be useful for retailers selling customized products or pre-owned products. Since each of these SKUs would represent a specific custom design or a specific instance of a pre-owned product, you may not have any need for the SKU once the item is sold. Automatic SKU archival will inactivate these SKUs to minimize clutter in your inventory.

How does automatic SKU archival work?

After you specify the attribute values to be checked for SKU archival, RO will check all SKUs when its inventory falls to zero (0). Any SKUs that have the specified attribute values will be set to Status: Inactive and hidden from the PIM.

If units are added back into an inactive SKU, the SKU will be automatically re-activated.

How do I enable automatic SKU archival?

To enable this feature, you must select an attribute and create a meta field for SKU archival. The meta field will be used to indicate the specific attribute values that will trigger SKU archival. Enter a “Y” in the meta field for the values desired.

After selecting an attribute and creating a meta field, send the attribute and meta field names to RetailOps Support so it can be configured on the back end.

How do I enable automatic SKU archival?

Can I enable multiple attributes for automatic SKU archival?

Yes, you can enable multiple attributes for this feature. If you do so, RO will inactivate zero-quantity SKUs with values for either attribute. SKUs do not need to have both attributes to be inactivated.

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