Take Photos in the Photo Console

  1. Enter the Lot ID. Press the [Get Lot Info] button. If any images are already associated with the lot, those images will load automatically.
  2. Indicate whether the images taken should be Representative or Exclusive:
    1. For more info on the difference between Representative and Exclusive associations, read this FAQ article.
  3. If you would like to focus the lens, press the [Focus] button.
  4. Gridlines on the image display are guides to help you frame your image properly. To cycle through different guides, press the [Next Guide] button.
  5. To take Feature photos, press the [Photo1] button.
  6. To take Alternative photos, press any of the [Photo2-5] buttons.
  7. When you have finished taking photos, press the [Save] button.
    1. To save or reject individual photos, press the appropriate button for the photo. Then press the [Done Saving] button.
    2. To save all photos, press the [Save All] button.
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