Implementation FAQs

What is the implementation timeline?

Typically, if you provide us with prompt feedback and data delivery--and if no feature requests are blocking implementation--an implementation can be completed within 120 days from the time of the kick-off call.

What is the handoff process from sales to implementation?

Your sales representative will introduce you to a member of the implementation team. Once that occurs, the implementation specialist will reach out to you and schedule a kick-off call during which we will discuss the project timeline, communication plan, and the next steps to take. Your sales representative will also be on this call to ensure a seamless handoff.

Who is responsible for importing data into RetailOps?

The RO team will import data until the time of go-live and provide training during the implementation process. After go-live, the client is responsible for importing new data.

Can we assign sections of the warehouse/specific bin locations to only be used by a certain vendor?  

Locations/containers in RetailOps are fully open and assignable to any given piece of inventory.  There are currently no constraints on only allowing specific products in specific locations.  RetailOps is designed around giving our customers the on-the-fly flexibility to make decisions with regard to inventory locations.

Can a PO show last known warehouse location for receiving?

POs do not store any information about inventory, previous or current.  The only thing a PO links to is the product family itself.

What about a barcode on the PO, similar to a pick/pack slip, that is scanned at the point of receiving to expedite the process of product arriving in the building?

POs in RetailOps are not intended to be printed out and used by the receiving staff.  The receiving process in RetailOps is a three-step process:

  1. Tell RetailOps what you have in your hand..
  2. Pick from the list that RetailOps gives you based on what you entered in step 1.
  3. Add inventory to SKUs.

The upcoming Quick Receive handheld console tool will have a different receiving process flow that's much faster.

Why doesn't Product Description or Cost on POs autofill from legacy data?

Due to costs not necessarily being a fixed value from season to season, or even PO to PO, RetailOps "asks" the buyers creating POs to populate the cost for that specific PO.  That said, cost is something that we have discussed auto-populating based on last received or last ordered item cost.  This is on our roadmap.

Product Description is another animal entirely because it is a product attribute, which as you know are fully user-customizable.  This is auto-populated in a sense; if the PO creator links the PO line item to an existing product in RetailOps, when that inventory is received, it will be part of that existing product family.  All of the attributes and product data (not cost though), will be there already.

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