Navigating the Feed Manager


  1. Feed Template. Each marketplace has its own unique template. You'll be building and modifying your feed here to fit the needs of each marketplace.
  2. Sample Data pane. To use the Feed Manager, you must search for and select a sample SKU in the Sample Data search pane. The sample output will help guide you as you modify your feed.
  3. Available Fields pane. This pane allows you to search for data fields to add to your feed.

Feed Template

  1. Template Field Name
  2. Feed Code. Enter the feed code here to generate the desired output.
  3. Sample Output. This displays the output of the code when applied to the item selected in the Sample Data pane.
  4. Add Field button. You may add new template fields to your feed by pressing the [Add] button for the desired template field.
  5. Feed Settings button. Press this to view the current settings for the feed.
  6. Active/Inactive toggle. Use this to turn the feed on/off.
  7. Commit Changes button. When you are finished editing the feed, press the [Commit Changes] button to save your changes.
  8. Revert Changes button. If you woud like to discard any changes made to the feed, press the [Revert Changes] button.
Feed Template

Sample Data pane

  1. SKU
  2. Product Name
  3. SKU Details
  4. Complete Only filter. By default, the Sample Data search pane filters for items in Status: Complete. You may toggle this filter on/off.
  5. Poke Selected SKU. This button allows you to send the selected SKU through the feed.
  6. Sync All SKUs. This button allows you send all SKUs returned in your search through the feed.
Sample Data pane

Available Fields pane

  1. Field Tag. This is the tag you must add to your feed template to include the desired data field.
  2. Sample Output. This displays the output of the tag when applied to the item selected in the Sample Data pane.
  3. Field Description. For certain fields, this displays a short description of the data field.
Available Fields pane
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