Create Formulas

You can use formulas to create new, custom fields based off data from existing fields. To add a formula:

  1. In the Data Sources pane, press the [Add Formula] button.
  2. You may drag fields from the Fields pane. Or you can begin typing and select from the suggested results.
  3. Use any of the available formula functions (see below).

Available Formula Functions

  • Addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (*), and division (/).
  • MIN. Use lowest value from group.
  • MAX. Use highest value from group.
  • AVG. Take average of values in group.
  • SUM. Take sum of values in group.
  • COUNT. Count of all values in group.
  • DISTINCT. Count of distinct values in group.

Reference Existing Formulas

After creating a formula, you may reference that formula in subsequent formulas. Begin typing the formula name and select it from the suggested results. References to existing formulas will display in green.

Reference Existing Formulas
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