Move Shipment Pieces to Receiving

The Receiving tool in the handheld console allows you to move shipment pieces from either storage or a staging area to the receiving department.

Identify the Shipment

  1. In the RO web app, go to Warehouse > Shipment Search.
  2. In the Find shipments pane, search for the desired shipment using one or a combination of the following criteria:
    • Shipment number
    • The Piece number for one of the pieces in the shipment
    • POs associated with the shipment
    • The Facility where the shipment is stored
  3. In the Shipments pane, select the desired shipment.
  4. Look to the Pieces pane to see the piece numbers and location of each piece in the shipment.
Identify the Shipment

Process the Shipment Pieces

  1. In the handheld app, go to Warehouse > Receiving.
  2. Scan the piece numbers for the desired pieces. As you scan each piece, the piece will highlight in blue on your handheld display.
  3. Press the green [Process scanned items] button.
Process the Shipment Pieces
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