Upload Images via API

To upload an image to RetailOps via API, you must create a session then send a POST request.

Please note: Each session expires about 5 minutes after creation. You may need to generate a new session in such a case.

Create a Session

  1. In RO, go to Administration > User Manager.
  2. Select your user account. In the bottom-right of the User Details pane, press the [Add API Key] button.
  3. Copy and paste the generated API key into the end of the following URL: https://api.gudtech.com/user/updateSession.json?apikey=<user_api_key>

Enter the URL into your address bar to create a session.

Create a Session

Send a POST Request

After creating a session, you can send an image directly to the RO server using a POST request. POST requests contain a number of parameters. They must be sent to: https://media.gudtech.com/upload

Here’s an example of a simple request:

curl --verbose \
-H "no-checksum: true" \
-H "Content-Type: image/jpeg" \
-H "sku-num: 189" \
-H "session: $session" \
--data-binary @586489.jpg -X POST https://media.gudtech.com/upload


Your request may include any of the parameters listed below:

  • sku-id - integer
  • sku-num - string
  • content-type* - string (e.g. image/json, image/jpeg, image/png)
  • association-type - string
  • no-checksum** - boolean
  • sha256sum** - string
  • session* - string (user session)
  • concept - string (e.g. product, sku)
  • record-id - integer
  • tags - string (space delimited)

* Required

** One of these two parameters are required.


Your request will yield these returns listed below:

  • success - boolean
  • work_id - integer
  • mediakey - string
  • format_id - integer
  • dimensions - object (access with names)
    • width - integer
    • height - integer
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