Adjust Lot Quantities

You can increase or decrease quantities for different lots using the Inventory Search tool. This allows you to adjust quantities for lots when you need to reconcile the data in RO with what's in your inventory.

Note that this should only be used as a means of maintaining data accuracy, not for receiving new items into your inventory. When you receive an item through the Product Receiving tool, you create a new lot, which attaches to the PO against which it is received. Adding quantities through the Inventory Search tool does not create a new lot. It simply increases the quantity from an existing lot, which is attached to the PO to which it was originally received.

  1. On the web app, go to Warehouse > Inventory Search.
  2. Search for the desired lot using one or any combination of the following criteria:
    • Lot
    • SKU
    • MPN
    • The PO on which the lot was received.
    • The Container in which the lot is currently stored.
    • The Facility in which the lot is currently stored.
  3. Select the lot from the Search Results pane.
  4. To increase the quantity, enter the quantity of units to be added and press the [Gain] button*.
  5. To decrease the quantity, enter the quantity of units to be removed and press the [Loss] button*.

*Depending on your organization's preferences, you may be required to select from a predefined list of Gain Reason Codes and/or Loss Reason Codes.

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