Edit Unit Cost

Edit Unit Costs for Individual Lots

  1. Find and open the desired product in the PIM.
  2. Select the SKU associated with the lot you would like to modify. Press the [Inv Lots] button.
  3. In the Lot Detail window, select the desired lot ID. Click directly on its Unit Cost to change it. Changes save automatically.
Edit Unit Costs for Individual Lots

Edit Unit Costs in Bulk

  1. Create a spreadsheet file with lot ID and updated unit costs.
  2. In the RO web app, go to Administration > Data Import.
  3. Drag-and-drop your spreadsheet file into the designated area.
  4. After the import is complete, click on the file Name.
  5. Either select an existing profile with the Import type of Lot Cost Update or create a new profile with that Import type selected.
  6. For Column match mode, select headers.
  7. Map the column with lot IDs to Lot. Map the column with the updated unit costs to Cost.
  8. If there are any errors, edit data as needed by clicking directly on the desired cell.
  9. When you have resolved all errors (or if there were none to begin with), press the [Apply changes] button.
Edit Unit Costs in Bulk
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