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    Quoc Nguyen

    How do you delete a container?

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    One question I have is regarding a new "Area" option that showed up for "Store Only". Does that mean POS Store, or is it store as in storage?
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    Ally Daley

    Hi Jason! "Store Only" containers are mean for Point of Sale, and will prevent the inventory from becoming available for sale on a channel.

    Quoc, we do not currently delete containers, but please reach out to if we can assist further.

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    Hey, what does this mean? If we were to receive JIT inventory to a Receiving marked container what happens? Would the inventory just not be pickable and that's the warning, or will it throw an error? 

    "Note that if you use JIT fulfillment, JIT inventory must be received into a pickable location, not a receiving location."

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