The Transfer function operates to enable a user to work with pre-built inventory transfer batches.
The primary focus is to allow a user to pick items that will be delivered to have photographed through the Photo Console. 

Within the Photo Console, any products that still need photographs taken are sent to queue to be put into a batch transfer.

Within the handheld console, once a batch is created, the handheld device will show the location of all items in that batch that need to be picked up and sent to be photographed.

To create a batch transfer in RetailOps, navigate to Photo Sample under Products
On the right pane labeled Inventory transfer batches, click new. Assign a batch name and destination for the transfer.

Under the selection for Items Awaiting Selection, select the items to be picked by the handheld user by clicking on the Choose a Sample section(marked in red below). Once finished, the batch will automatically be sent to the handheld device for picking.

Users will then be able to see the transfer batch on their device and select the assigned batch.

For each item, the handheld console will display the following:

  • Location of the Item (e.g. 36-13B
  • Quantity of Item (e.g. 1)
  • Lot ID number (e.g. 566094)
  • Description of the item with SKU (see sample picture above)

Once all items have been selected, the device will show completed and the batch will disappear from the selection screen and the transfer batch will be completed

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