Manage Carrier Pickups

The Ship Sessions tool allows you to manage and schedule carrier pickups. It has the ability to track any carrier currently used within RO.

  1. Go to Warehouse > Ship Sessions.
  2. In the bottom-right corner of the Ship Sessions window, choose the Facility from which you are shipping.
  3. To open a new session, press the [Open] button. Select the Carrier and enter the desired Pickup Date.
  4. As the carrier delivers orders, the info on the right-hand side of the window will automatically update. You can see:
    • How many parcels and items have been delivered;
    • The total weight of the delivered parcels/items; and
    • The total value of the delivered parcels/items (either the order subtotal or the declared value of the order)
  5. To modify either the carrier or the pickup date of open orders, click on the appropriate field and change the value.
  6. To close a session, select the session. Press the [Close] button.
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