Find and Edit Shipments in Storage

The Shipment Search tool allows you to find and track shipments stored in the facility. The tool also lets you edit shipment details, add or remove pieces, and even void entire shipments.

  1. Go to Warehouse > Shipment Search.
  2. In the Find shipments pane, search for the desired shipment using one or a combination of the following criteria:
    • Shipment number
    • The Piece number for one of the pieces in the shipment
    • POs associated with the shipment
    • The Facility where the shipment is stored
  3. In the Shipments pane, select the desired shipment.
  4. In the Edit Shipment pane, you can modify any details that were entered when the shipment was originally logged.
  5. In the Pieces pane, you can edit the piece Type and Location for existing pieces.
  6. To add a new piece: enter the Type and Location on a blank line. Press the [Create] button at the bottom of the pane.
  7. To reprint piece labels: select the desired piece. Specify the number of copies you want to print and press the [Reprint] button.
  8. To void a single piece: press the [Void] button at the bottom of the Pieces pane.
  9. To void an entire shipment: select the shipment. In the Edit Shipment pane, press the [Void Shipment] button.
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