Set User Roles and Privileges

Set roles and privileges for different users to allow them to access the tools they need to perform their job duties.

  1. In the Navigation menu, go to Administration > User Manager.
  2. Select the user in the User pane.
  3. In the Access Control pane, assign at least one Role to the user by clicking on the Role (it will highlight in green).
    • The Sample Nav pane offers a preview of menu options to which the user has access given their assigned Role.
    • The Additional Privileges pane displays all the actions available to the user, highlighted in grey.
  4. To give the user access to more actions:
    1. You can assign more than one Role to the user simply by clicking on additional Role options.
    2. You can also manually grant the user access to specific actions by finding and clicking on the actions in the Additional Privileges pane. Privileges granted manually will highlight in green.

Roles and Default Privileges

Refer to the table below for a full list of default privileges granted to each Role. Go to this article for a list of all privileges and what functionality each grants to the user.

Roles and Default Privileges
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