Order Extra Inventory by Padding JIT POs

In some cases, after customers have ordered a JIT-eligible item and a JIT PO has been created, you may want to order extra quantities of the item. You may anticipate additional sales of the item in a short amount of time due to a promotion. Or you may need to increase the quantity to meet a minimum order amount the vendor has required. In such cases, you can pad JIT POs.

  1. Open the desired JIT PO.
    • We recommend using the PO Search tool, setting Type to JIT and Status to either Open or Ready.
  2. At the bottom of the PO screen, press the [Review] button.
  3. In the unlabeled column next to the Total Qty, adjust the total units for the desired item (this includes the original units ordered by the customer and the additional units of padding).
    • Be careful not to adjust the units to an amount less than the original number ordered by the customer. At any time, you may hover over the quantity to view the number of units originally ordered.
    • Take care to adjust the units immediately after pressing the [Review] button. This will allow additional customer orders for the same item to attach to the PO and they will be fulfilled by your padded units. Otherwise, RO may generate new POs for the item and you run the risk of ordering too many units.
  4. When you are finished adjusting units, press the [Submit PO] button.
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