Create New Product Families

To enter data about any new products in RO, you must create product families through the PIM. This may be done at a variety of points but the most common is during the creation of a PO.

  1. Open a PO. Find the line item for which you’d like to create a new product family. Ensure both the Brand and MPN have been entered.
  2. Press the window icon to open the Product Locator.
  3. Search for the item. Make sure the appropriate product family does not already exist.
  4. When you are sure, press the [New Product] button.
  5. Select the Brand for the product. Press the [Create New Product] button.
  6. In the Mini PIM, enter data for each of the relevant attributes.

Create SKUs for Item Variants

Often, the same item may be available in slight variants. Clothing and footwear may be available in different sizes. Food items may be available in different flavors. Furniture may be available in different patterns.

For each of these variants, you can create SKUs. You can think of SKUs as individual members within the larger product family. Family data are the attributes that stay the same for all members. SKU data contain information that may be unique to different members. For example, a set of shirts with the same exact design will all share the same Brand and Product Name but they may come in several sizes. Brand and Product Name would be family data; Size would be SKU data.

  1. In the PIM, the left-hand side of the window holds the Family Data. The right-hand side--also known as the SKU Grid--holds the SKU data.
  2. To turn an attribute from family data into SKU data, click on the attribute’s name and drag it to the SKU Grid.
  3. To add a new SKU, press the green [+] button at the bottom of the SKU Grid. Enter data directly into the SKU Grid.
  4. To retire an existing SKU, select the existing SKU. Press the red [-] button at the bottom of the SKU Grid.
Create SKUs for Item Variants
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