Add Inventory for Dropship/JIT

Typically, you would create new product families either when adding new products onto a PO. You would increase quantities only when receiving products. But Dropship and JIT POs aren’t generated until a customer has ordered an eligible item. That’s why you need to create product families and add available quantities in advance.

Create New Product Families for Dropship/JIT

  1. Go to Product > Product Search.
  2. In the top-right corner, press the [Manually Create Product] button.
  3. Select a Brand and enter the Style No. for the product. Press the [Create Product] button.
  4. After the product family appears in the PIM, enter the attribute details and add images just as you would any other product.
Create New Product Families for Dropship/JIT

Add Quantities for Dropship/JIT Products

  1. Open the product family in the PIM.
  2. Select the desired SKU. Press the [External Inventory] button.
  3. In the bottom-left corner of the External Inventory window, press the [Add] button.
  4. Select the Vendor who would fulfill the Dropship/JIT order.
  5. Enter the Vendor Product Code (VPC).
  6. Set the Mode.
    • Standard. Inventory advice is needed for this item to be eligible for sale.
    • Consignment. The vendor has agreed to fulfill a fixed, maximum quantity of the item. This is useful for vendors with whom you've contracted to have only a certain quantity of an item fulfilled.
    • Suspended. The item is not eligible for sale but shipments may still be routed for this item. This mode may be used to remove external SKUs from sale without canceling shipments already routed for that item.
    • Backorder. If inventory advice reaches 0 or if it has never been set, the item may still be eligible for sale.
  7. Set the Quantity of Dropship/JIT units the vendor has promised and enter the Unit Cost.
  8. Optional: Although you can set the Default Estimated Ship Days for all Dropship/JIT items from the vendor, you can use the Estimated Days field to set an estimated shipping time for specific items.
    • Note: The Maximum Days feature is still under development.
  9. Close the External Inventory window. In the PIM, press the [Reload] button to see your new quantities available.
Add Quantities for Dropship/JIT Products
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