Pending JIT/Dropship Tool

The Pending JIT/Dropship Tool allows users to monitor receiving products that are still currently pending against Purchase Orders and perform actions based on additional information received.  Any PO line item that has yet to be received will be shown in the tool. 

The main function of the tool allows a user to cancel and reorder product based on the specific need.  Within the tool, the displayed information will give you the details needed to follow up on specific PO's that still require action.  

An example of the tool is listed and explained below.

Navigate to the Warehouse selection on the left pane and select Pending JIT/DS

Filtering by Channel
Located at the top, select a channel to filter by to allow specific searching and limiting results.  Shipment Count and Item Count will populate based on channel selected.

Canceling/Reordering inventory 
The main functionality of the tool is designed to allow users to track PO progress and to ensure that all inventory related discrepancies can be accounted for prior to the receiving process. (NOTE: Prior to canceling or reordering, ensure that the items listed have not yet been received)

In the event that an item is no longer to be received or will not be received against the specified PO, the tool allows a user to remove the expected shipment without changing the history in the Purchase Order Tool.  By selecting the red X, you will be able to cancel the shipment expectation regarding that item.

Subsequently, in the event that an product needs to be reordered from a Vendor, a re-transmit of the item can be sent regarding the specified item.  This will not modify the original PO request but will send a new PO related to this item.  The item will be removed from the aforementioned list and compiled to a new PO.

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