Log Incoming Shipments

The Shipment Receiving tool allows you to record shipments arriving to a facility and process it for receiving. The tool prints a label for each shipment piece for convenient initial storage.

  1. Go to Warehouse > Shipment Receiving.
  2. Choose the Facility where the shipment is to be received.
  3. Select the Carrier the transported the shipment along with the carrier’s Account number.
  4. Enter the Bill of lading (BOL) number.
  5. Specify whether a Pack list was included.
  6. Enter the Piece Count, the number of pieces in the shipment. Specify whether the pieces are Pallets, Packs, Cases, or Single items.
  7. Enter the Unit Count, the number of total products in the shipment. Specify whether the number entered is the Actual amount or just an Estimate.
  8. Enter any PO numbers associated with the items in the shipment.
  9. Set the Initial Location where the shipment pieces will be stored before the items are processed for receiving.
  10. Specify the Number of copies of piece labels you would like to print. For larger pieces such as pallets, you may want to attach labels to each side of the pallet.
  11. Press the [Log shipment and print] button.
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