Authorize Computers and Hardware

As a security measure, all terminals--computers, iPhones/iPod Touch devices, and any hardware linked through RetailOps Connect (e.g. printers, scales)--intended for use in RO must be authorized into the system on first-time use.

  1. In the Navigation menu, go to Administration > Manage Terminals.
  2. At the bottom of the Terminal Manager window, click on the [Register Terminal] button.
  3. Enter a Name for the terminal. We recommend using a name that will allow you to easily locate the computer or device in your office in the future.
  4. Set the terminal’s Type. There are 3 options:
    • Browser: Choose this for computers.
    • Proxy: Choose this for printers and scales running through RetailOps Connect interfaces.
    • Console: Choose this for iPhones, iPod Touch devices, and Photo Consoles.
  5. Set the Facility for the terminal.
  6. Once all information is entered, RO will auto-generate an authorization code, or auth code.
  7. Go to the new terminal. Log into RO using valid user credentials and the auth code.
    • If the auth code is not used within 6 hours of generation, it will expire.

Other Terminal Manager Functions

  1. To re-authorize a terminal, select the terminal Name. Click on the [Re-authorize] button to generate a new auth code. Go to the terminal in need of authorization. Log into ROP using valid user credentials and the auth code.
    • Note: If users clear their browser cookie cache (or browsing history), they will need to re-authorize the computer.
  2. To disable a terminal, click on the green [Checkmark] icon next to the terminal Name. The [Checkmark] icon will become a red [X] icon. The terminal info will be grayed out.
  3. To re-activate a terminal, click on the [Show Inactive] button. Find the terminal Name (it will be grayed out). Click on the red [X] icon. It will turn into a green [Checkmark] icon and the info will no longer be grayed out. From here, you may need to re-authorize the terminal.
Other Terminal Manager Functions
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