Journal Entry Report Creation

  1. Navigate to the RetailOps System Config tool, and then to the Map Tables tool.
    1. Create a map table named, “Journal Account Codes”.  This exact name must be used.
  2. Download the report for the first time.  This stitches together a series of system reports, and consolidates them into a single output file.
    1. Using relative dates (“today” and “yesterday” are currently supported):
    2. Using a specific date:
    3. Using a date range:
  3. Review the generated file, which will initially have blank account number columns.
  4. Edit the “Journal Account Codes” map table to specify one or more account codes per “Name.”
    1. These account codes are comma delimited. Each delimited output value will result in one row of output in the final report. Two delimited values will be two rows in the output report, one per each delimited value.
    2. Wrapping one of the delimited (account code) values in a parenthetical causes the financial value to be negated. Example: given 1661, and (2002), the report will have two output rows generated for that named reporting value. One for account 1661 with a value of $100, and another for account 2002 with a value of -$100.
  5. Download the report again to check your work.
    1. Note that some named values are duplicated, but with different account codes and potentially negated values. This is a necessary function for double entry accounting.
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